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Bob Neuwirth Bob Neuwirth (Diesel Motor Records)
Neuwirth, whose storied career has included projects with artists from John Cale to Patti Smith, has returned from sessions in Havana, Cuba where he participated in a cultural exchange with veteran composer José Maria Vitier, resulting in the collaborative beauty of Havana Midnight.

Nels Cline Nels Cline (Cryptogramophone)
In this collection of wiggy compositions and freewheeling improvisations, guitarist Nels Cline collaborates with innovative bassist Mark Dresser, famed jazz drummer Billy Mintz and electric harpist Zeena Parkins. Nels was named Outstanding Jazz Artist of 1999 by Bam Magazine as well as Best New Genre/Uncategorizable Artist of 1999 at the L.A. Weekly Music Awards.

Nickel Creek Nickel Creek (Sugar Hill Records)
"These three friends started playing together when they were in junior high and now that they're in their late teens-look out! They've won multiple awards for their musicianship and their three-part harmonies are truly beautiful; in other words, these kids can play...." - The Album Network

Camille Yarbrough Camille Yarbrough (Vanguard Records)
"Camille Yarbrough delivers a landmark album that pre-dates the commercial breakthrough of hip-hop ... without question, The Iron Pot Cooker is a precursor to Lauryn Hill."

Coming soon...

Peter Case Peter Case (Vanguard Records)
Flying Saucer Blues is a fresh, bluesy, rocking album from veteran Peter Case, co-founder of The Plimsouls and author of the classic "Million Miles Away".

Patty Larkin Patty Larkin (Vanguard Records)
Regrooving the Dream, the remarkable new album from Patty Larkin, presents a cast of characters caught up in change. Larkin turns the view finder on love, desire, the malling of America, the charged emptiness of contemporary lives.

Terry Radigan Terry Radigan (Vanguard Records)
"If you're expecting a typical singer-songwriter record here, you'll be pleasantly surprised. This is a solid collection of tunes that seem to find their own life and soul. Radigan displays a keen ability to capture your attention with her melodies and her familiar voice." - Fallout Magazine

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