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Da Empire Records

Breakout Productions

Pimping Pens Ent.

Mars Music Records


Hiphouse Records

Patrick Lamb Prods.

f&m records
progressive house

Shotgun Charlie
rock and pop

Spiral D.P. Ent.

IAM Records

True Blue Ent.

Explosion Records

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These are our Member Labels - progressive and foresightful businesses that realize the New Economy is all about partnerships.   These are labels that have the vision to team up with a company that understands their industry and how it is impacted by the Internet.  They realize that success is achieved by concentrating on their core competency: making music.   Please visit a few of our Members, and check back for lots more music, info and more here at   Labels interested in our services should click here.

indie resources

Indie Jazz CDs at
50 Cent Haircut: American Rock & Roll
Andy Tubman: sad romantic love songs
The Jane Doe's: Van Morrison meets Maxwell - blue-eyed soul
Cryptogramophone: instrumental west coast jazz

dance / house /
    electronica / industrial

Hiphouse Records
f&m records
HiPass Records
Absolute Obscurity Records
Celestial Light Recordings
Meester Productions
Offset Mediawerx
Strata Records
Mom's Place
Stray Records
Blood Brothers Records
Nefarious Records
Malvado Records
Leep Records
Lens Records
SpaceWave Media
Imix Records
SuperGenius Recs
Lunar Cycle Music
Van Richter Recs
Intangible Records
Fonal Records
Cyber Porn Records
Drop Records

world / reggae / Latin

Sword in the Stone Records
Global Records
MB Records
Kapricorn Records
Chameleon Music
Xango Records
Discos Rascon
Playground Records
Innovative Strings
Tinder Records
Genius Records
12AM Music Group
Etherean Music
Wind In Hare Music
Buiten Westen
DDP music

jazz / classical

Patrick Lamb Productions
JRB Records
Heart Music
QB37 Records
Groove Tonic Media
Chiaroscuro Records
NCM East Records
Heart Consort Music
Headquarters Records
Bold Axis Records
Drimala Records
Black Hat Records
Beezwax Records
WebMusic Studio
Fuzzy Music
Great Taste
Stark Raving Records


Alexandra Records
knott of science
Weems Music
Afrakta Records

new age

b: group/ records
CyberSanctum / FOG


Pacifica Records
Stanza Records
IGE Records

r&b / rap / hip-hop

Da Empire Records
Pimping Pens Entertainment
Mars Music Records
Spiral D.P. Entertainment
IAM Records (Independent artist movement)
True Blue Entertainment
Brazen Entertainment
Labortory Productions
Reaching Records
Crimehouse Ent.
Torcher wreck music
Arbitron Records
Buff City Records
Secret Society
Mac Records
1 Shot Records
Down Low Industry
Fats Incorporated Entertainment Group
SM Entertainment Group
Thugin Records
Foundation {Family Of Strength}
KDG Entertainment
Nu-House Records
Abasibiz Records
In It 2 Win It Records
Young Playa Records
Black Pearl Records
The Eagle Music Co.
Street Symphony Music
GhettoSport GP Inc.
Varsity Squad Records
Green Paper Records
Illsis Entertainment
Blazin Entertainment
EvenFlow Records
Fat Inc Entertainment
Vision Entertainment
MBMG Records
Live Wire Entertainment
Guardian Records
Watts Up! Records
Jamtrak Entertainment
archway records
Balla World Records
Ikon Entertainment
Sunset Park Entertainment
Fortune Music
Code-Blue Entertainment
Unkutt Records
myworld records
Mood Swings Music Group
ILLuminati Entertainment
Blarritt Records
Executive Records
2-T Entertainment
Starvin Artist Entertainment
Iced Outt Records
Topp Rank Records
Capitol Punishment Records
Rock Most Productions
Insane Clicc Entertainment
Ghetto Stricken Records
BeatDown Records
Gold Street Entertainment
Interface Records
Pimp Records
Amadi Records
Sneak Quiet Records
Iced Out Records
DPI Music/Fogo Recs
Focus Music Group
Casanova Records
Downstage Prods
Outlaw Recs 2000
Safehouse Records
Solrac Muzik
Northside Records
Vintage Vinyl Recs
Yung Hustlers Ent.
Deemo Records
Sky Hi Records
Out Da Box Records
S.C.O.R.N. Prods.
Insanity Ent.
prohibition entertainment
Arrakis Records
Groove Control Ent.
Sawyer Enterprise
Baheeja Records
Switche Records
Fuzion Entertainment
FruitPunch Records
Ebony Records
e-lan records
CommonWealth Recs
Atlan-Dec / Grooveline Records
malt records

Christian / gospel

Divine Word Records
Mac-Groov Recordings
Explosion Records
Nu Wave Entertainment
Doctrine Of Christ Records
Peach Records
N There
Burnett Studios
DayStar Productions
Pure Gold Records
Triple Cross Records
FabDogg Records
EdenDust Records
Destined Records

rock / pop

The Shotgun Charlie Label
Protocol Records
Family Tree Connections
Octadrive Records
Instant Credibility
Lightning Capitol Records
Promotional Music
1022 Records
AGB Enterprises
Rival Records
Wabbit Wecordings
Renaissance Recording Company
Miltona Records
Playhouse Records
GD Seventy Eight Music
MageTech Records
Henderson Entertainment
Stone Cupid Music
Solent Records
SaltMine Records
venice underground
Bettygirl Records
Darkhouse records
Radio Player records
Pop-e Records
The Way Home Media
eVenture Communications
A.C.M. Records
AWAL-Artists Without A Label
Rype Records
Bay Island Records
WildCat Records
Emerald Eyed Cat Records
Scorpio Music Group
Mannish Records
Tullock Media
MBIS Enterprises
Lividviking Records
Kaluboné Records
LightBay Records
Gale Music
Last Call Records
Intelligent Records
Kinky Star
Princess Records
Exile Records USA
High Beam Music
Halfmoon Records
Granny Smiths Recs
hatelove music
Hive Music
Vortex Recordings
Crossroads Records
Crazy Rae Records
Lavette Records
Subversive Records
cachet records
BellyUp! Records
human entertainment
Spinner Recs Canada
Jerry Lembo Music
Cinema Records
Olive Entertainment
frozenburd music
Evil Eye Records
11th Commandment
Elsie Records
Circle Of Sound
Double Crown Recs
Dragon Flight Recs
Bombardier Rec. Co.
Bag-O-Cats Music
Ritual Music
badman recording co.
Bang On Records
Azara Entertainment
bony orbit records
Arula Records
Abet Music
Hapi Skratch Records
Anabolik Rekords
My Pal God Records
Gold Leaf Productions


Ground Vinyl Records
Moldy Floor Records
Indigo Hamlet Music
Hard Miles Music
Erlendahle Records
Foolish Records
Epilogue Records
Tangible Music

country / bluegrass

StarChild Prods
RME Music

indie / low-fi rock

Beluga Records
Mohofusu Records
P.A.I.N. Music
Starfish Records
tiki sound
Mustard Only Music
Bad Piece Records
alphastreet records
WCRG Records
Brain Floss Records
Madrigal Records
Mas Hype Records
Furry Thug Productions
EYE GAUGE records
Loose Change Records
Inner Noise Recs
IvyStone Recs
Interzone Records
innerSPACE Records
Innerstate Records
Halogen Records
GoodGuy Records
Standard Rec. Co
Homemade Music
Banana Royal Recs
SPA Records
Figment Music
Double Play Records
Duckweed Records
apricot records
The Paper Brigade

punk / hardcore

Life On The Streets
Breakout Productions
Deafinit Records
Chaotic Records
Finger Records
LackLuster Recordings
HairBall8 Records
Mind Kontrol Recs
Iron Man Records
Center of the World
Bloody Daggre Recs
Deadly Beefburger
Act Your Age
Agitate The System
Grub Records

alt country / americana / roots rock

Ph-Q Records
Tobacco Records
Hot Link Records
Doolittle Records
Underhill Recordings
Club de Musique

blues / zydeco

RhythmStar Records
crows feet records
sun shyne music
Crew Productions

easy listening

i.d. records
Happy Fi

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